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QWeather GeoAPI provides global geographic location and global city search services, supports reverse geocoding, multi-language, fuzzy search and other functions.

City Lookup

Top City

POI Lookup

POI Range


City Weather Forecast provides weather forecasts for 200,000+ cities worldwide, including 3,000+ cities and counties in China, supporting real-time weather, up to 30-day forecasts and up to 7-day hourly weather forecasts.

Real-time Weather

Weather Daily Forecast

Weather Hourly Forecast

Minutely Forecast

Minute-level forecast API provides precipitation data for the next 2 hours in China. It can predict the rainfall every minute and every 1km grid.

Minutely Precipitation

Grid Weather

Browse all grid level Weather APIs around the world, including real-time weather, forecast weather and minute-level precipitation at any latitude and longitude.

Grid Weather Real-time

Grid Weather Daily Forecast

Grid Weather Hourly Forecast


Warning service can get global real-time severe weather warning data.

Weather Warning

Weather Warning City List

Weather Indices

Weather Indices includes car wash, clothing, cold, allergy, ultraviolet, fishing, etc.

Weather Indices Forecast

Air Quality (beta)

Global air quality with easy access to air quality data for specified locations and cities and official monitoring station data.

Real-time Air Quality (beta)

Monitoring Station Data(beta)

Air Quality

Air quality index (AQI) for 3000+ cities and 1700+ monitoring stations in China, including AQI real-time data and AQI forecast for the next 5 days.

Real-time Air Quality

Air Quality Daily Forecast

Time Machine

QWeather Time Machine has access to historical weather and air quality data for the last 10 days.

Time Machine for Weather

Time Machine for Air Quality

Tropical Cyclone

Tropical cyclone provides real-time storm data in major ocean basins around the world, including storm location, level, pressure, wind, path and forecast.

Storm Forecast

Storm Track

Storm List


Ocean API provides tidal and current data for major ports and cities around the world.



Solar Radiation

Solar Radiation API supports the access to net solar radiation, solar diffuse radiation and direct solar radiation at any global coordinates.

Solar Radiation


Astronomy API provides sunrise/sunset, solar elevation angle, moonrise/moonset, and moon phase data for the next 60 days for any location worldwide.

Sunrise and Sunset

Moon and Moon Phase

Solar Elevation Angle