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Current version API v7.15 · SDK v4.17

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QWeather Develop Service is based on advanced meteorological algorithms and provides a powerful weather service, to help you display weather or drive your business decisions.

Developer Friendly

RESTful APIs and out-of-the-box SDKs make your development work easier.


We provides global deployment capability, so you no longer have to struggle with localization issues or complex network environments around the world.

Flexible Pricing

We support Pay as you go billing model, pay only for the services you actually use, no upfront payments, no hidden fees, start and stop whenever you want.

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Very easy! Sign up and create a Project and KEY with free subscription to get weather data. See Quick Start.

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We provide useful documentation for your development, including Develop Guide, Resource, Best Practices and Showcases.

Enterprise Customization

Contact our business experts for a complete weather solution.