VAT Invioce

For users in China, our price include VAT and you can apply for a VAT invoice when your bill is paid.

Note: Please read this document carefully to understand how we issue VAT invoices to you and send this document to your finance professional for review if necessary.

Apply introduction

  1. Go to Console - Finance - Vat invoice and click “Edit” button on the Invoice Information card to add invoice information.
  2. Click the “Apply” button on the Invoiceable Amount card
  3. Select the bills you need to invoice, you can choose one bill or multiple bills to combine to invoice, click “Next” button
  4. Select invoice type, check the invoice information, fill in the contact information, and finally click the “Submit” button

Hint: Please make sure to confirm your company information with your finance officer, copy and paste is recommended to avoid typing errors.

Hint: VAT special invoice are only available for organization developers.

Invoice for balance

For balance amount, you must spend it before you can invoice it.

For example: if you add ¥1,000 to your balance on March 20, and the bill amount is ¥400 after the bill is generated on April 1, you can apply for a ¥400 invoice at that time.

Tax rate

According to the policy of tax administration, we will adjust the tax rate, which ranges from 0-3%, please refer to the actual invoice.

Invoice item


Invoice format

Fully Digitalized E-Invoice (FDEI). See Announcement of the Beijing Municipal Tax Bureau for Taxation on the Pilot Work of Fully Digitalized E-Invoice

FDEI sample:

Delivery and Download

Invoice will be issued and sent to your email within 10 business days after your application. You can also download it at Console - Finance - Vat invoice.

Modify invoice

Before the invoice is issued, you can cancel the invoice application at any time in order to modify the information.

If there is an error or need to modify the invoice after it is issued, please submit a ticket for modification and the modification is limited to 3 times per year.

Hint: Please submit your modification within 12 months after the invoice is issued.


  • Invoices cannot be issued in the following cases
    • Outstanding bills, please complete the payment first
    • Account suspension
    • Billing date is more than 12 months old
  • VAT special invoices can only be applied by Organization Developers.