Get the information of the location you need to query, including LocationID, coordinates and administrative division.

Weather API

Get real-time and forecast weather for over 150,000 locations around the world.

Grid Weather API

1x1 km grid weather for China region, including real-time weather and forecast.

Indices API

Weather indices provides real-time and forecast indices data for dressing, car washing, UV and etc.

Warning API

Government-issued early warnings in China.


Get air quality data for for all cities and 1700+ monitoring stations in China.

Historical API

Get the latest 10-day weather and air quality data.

Tropical cyclones API

Get real-time and forecast tropical cyclones (typhoon) information.

Astronomy API

Astronomy API provides data related to the sun and the moon, including sunrise and sunset, moon phase, solar elevation angle, etc.

Ocean API

Get tide and currents data for more than 10,000 ports or locations around the world.

No assumptions

At any time, do not assume that the returned data is complete, or make assumptions about the length and range of the returned data. For example: when our data source lacks some data, it may cause missing fields. In high latitudes area, there may be no sunrise or sunset on a certain day. Weather conditions may add new codes. When our functions are upgraded, it is possible to add new fields or parameters in the data return. Therefore, you must consider how to deal with those issuse in your program.

Gzip compression

The v7 version API uses gzip compression by default, which can greatly reduce traffic and improve response speed. Please decompress the data you have obtained.


API v7 supports 31 languages.