Real-time Weather

Platform: API iOS Android

Get real-time weather data for 200,000+ cities around the world, including temperature, wind, humidity, pressure, precipitation, visibility, etc.

Interface Code Interface Class
getWeatherNow Real-time weather WeatherNowBean


  • location(required)The location to be queried, support LocationID or comma-separated longitude and latitude (decimal, up to 2 decimal places), LocationID can be obtained by GeoAPI. Example: location=101010100 or location=116.41,39.92
  • langMulti-language setting, please see Language to find out how our multi-language works and how to set up.
  • unitSet weather data unit, the available value are unit=m for metric(default) and unit=i for imperial. See more about Unit.

Sample Code

QWeather.getWeatherNow(Context context, String location, Lang lang, Unit unit, QWeather.OnResultWeatherNowListener listener);

QWeather.getWeatherNow(Context context, String location, QWeather.OnResultWeatherNowListener listener);


Properties of WeatherNowBean

Property Description Example
getCode See Status Code 200
getNow Real-time weather NowBaseBean
getRefer Reference data, includes data source, statements and license Refer
getBasic Basic Information Basic


Property Description Example
getSourcesList Data source and other statements QWeather
getLicenseList Data license QWeather Developers License


Property Description Example
getUpdateTime Last updated time 2017-10-25T04:34+08:00
getFxLink Responsive web page of this location, easy to embed in your website or APP

NowBaseBean Live Weather

Property Description Example
getObsTime Observation time 2013-12-30T13:14+08:00
getFeelsLike Real feels like temperature 23
getTemp Temperature 21
getIcon Icon code for weather conditions. See also QWeather Icons 100
getText Weather conditions Sunny
getWind360 Wind direction in azimuth degree 305
getWindDir Wind direction NW
getWindScale Wind scale 3-4
getWindSpeed ​​ Wind speed, km/h 15
getHumidity Relative humidity in percent 40
getPrecip Precipitation 0
getPressure Atmospheric pressure 1020
getVis Visibility 10
getCloud Cloud cover in percent 23
getDew Dew point temperature -1