Storm Forecast

Platform: API iOS Android

Storm Forecast iOS SDK provides tropical cyclones location, level, pressure, wind speed for major ocean basins around the world.

Note: For inactive storms, the response data is NULL, please get the storms status by Storm List first.

Interface code (Enum) Interface Class
INQUIRE_TYPE_STORM_FORECAST Storm forecast data StormForecastBaseClass

Request Parameters

If no optional parameters are set, the default value will be used.

  • stormid(required)The storm ID that needs to be queried, StormID can be obtained by Storm List, e.g., stormid=NP2018
  • appKey(required)API authentication key, please refer to How To Get Your Key. For example: appKey=12334567890ABC

Sample Code

    QWeatherConfigInstance.publicID = @"publicID";
    QWeatherConfigInstance.appKey = @"key";
    QWeatherConfigInstance.appType = APP_TYPE_BIZ;    
    QWeatherConfigInstance.stormID = @"NP_2102";
    [QWeatherConfigInstance weatherWithInquireType: INQUIRE_TYPE_STORM_FORECAST WithSuccess:^(StormForecastBaseClass  *responseObject) {
        NSLog(@"描述->%@",[responseObject description]);
    } faileureForError:^(NSError *error) {


  • code See Status Code
  • updateTime API last update time
  • fxLink Responsive web page of this data, for embedded in website or APP
  • forecast.fxTime Storm forecast time
  • Storm latitude
  • forecast.lon Storm longitude
  • forecast.type Storm type
  • forecast.pressure Center pressure of the storm
  • forecast.windSpeed Maximum wind speed near the strom
  • forecast.moveSpeed Storm moving speed
  • forecast.moveDir Storm moving direction
  • forecast.move360 Storm movement direction in azimuth degre
  • refer.sources Data source and other statements, may be null
  • refer.license Data license, may be null

Typhoon level

GBT 19201-2006

Tropical cyclone level Maximum average wind speed near the bottom center (m/s) Maximum wind near the bottom center (level)
Tropical pressure (TD) 10.8-17.1 6-7
Tropical Storm (TS) 17.2-24.4 8-9
Severe Tropical Storm (STS) 24.5-32.6 10-11
Typhoon (TY) 32.7-41.4 12-13
Severe Typhoon (STY) 41.5-50.9 14-15
Super Typhoon (SuperTY) ≥51.0 16 or above