QWeather data service includes weather API/SDK and Widget. It is a powerful, modern and development-friendly weather data service.

You can start getting weather data by following the few steps below and the development documentation, which is very simple.


Register an account at here and recommend enroll as a developer for more data.


Create an Application and KEY.

There are two edition for Application: Pro and Dev, you can check Pro vs. Dev.


The Weather Web API is the most common way to get weather data. Assuming you have completed the above two steps and created a Dev Application, open your browser, copy and paste the following link (remember to replace the key with your key), and press Enter or Return

You should now see data in your browser similar to the image below

Web API sample

Congratulations 🎉 You have got the real-time weather data of Beijing by API. Now, you can visit Web API documentation to learn more about the usage of the data.

If you don’t see the data in your browser, please check Status Code

Gzip Compression

The v7 version API uses gzip compression by default. Please decompress the data you have obtained.


If you are developing a mobile APP, then you can use our weather SDK directly for quick integration and out-of-the-box use.

System Requirements

iOS 8.0+ or Android 4.4+


For configuration and development, please refer to iOS SDK documentation or Android SDK documentation

Weather SDK is currently unlimited calls for developers

Weather Widget

Don’t want to write any code? Try our Free Weather Widget, which supports both web and mobile APP. The web widget provides simple configuration with a single mouse click, and the mobile SDK provides a variety of custom styles and layouts.

Below is an example of the Standard Widget, you can copy the following code to your web page to view. (Use your own KEY please.)

<div id="he-plugin-standard"></div>
  "CONFIG": {
    "layout": "1",
    "width": "400",
    "height": 150,
    "background": "3",
    "dataColor": "FFFFFF",
    "borderRadius": "8",
    "key": "7fae2c9a8f5e4c2f9af47941395c4880"
<script src=""></script>

Open Weather Plus

Open Weather Plus (OWP) is an open source weather APP and provides several ways to customize the style, making it easy to create a weather APP of your own.

OWP uses Amap SDK for positioning by default, so you need to apply an Amap appkey by yourself

Code Library

Many users of QWeather have contributed a lot of excellent snippets, library or even APP source code for you, which may provide you with some inspiration.

We also welcome you to share your code ❤️

See Library.

Utility Resource