Metric units are used by default for QWeather, such as kilometers, degrees Celsius, etc. If you need to use imperial units, you can set them by adding the following parameters.

Unit Parameters

Unit API parameters iOS SDK parameters Android SDK parameters
Metric units m UNIT_TYPE_M METRIC
Imperial units i UNIT_TYPE_I IMPERIAL

Unit Information

There are some data items that do not exist in imperial units and only metric units are used.

Data item Metric unit Imperial unit
Temperature celsius fahrenheit
Wind speed km/h km/h mile/h mile/h
Visibility Kilometer mile
Atmospheric pressure hPa hPa
Precipitation mm mm
PM2.5 μg/m3 μg/m3
PM10 μg/m3 μg/m3
O3 μg/m3 μg/m3
SO2 μg/m3 μg/m3
CO mg/m3 mg/m3
NO2 μg/m3 μg/m3