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QWeather Icons && Fonts is a beautiful weather icon and weather icon font in SVG format for easy embedding in websites or APPs. QWeather Icons is open source project and you can use it for any project or redesign these icons for free.


Download and Usage

You can download and install QWeather Icons in many ways, including npm, CDN or direct download.

QWeather Icons is in SVG format and supports svg and img tags, icon fonts or css styles, you can freely control the size, style and color of QWeather Icons.

Go to QWeather Icons for more information and browse the full icons.

Source Code

git clone https://github.com/qwd/Icons.git

Or visit our Github repo for source code of QWeather Icons, if you get some bug, feel free to submit an issue or PR.

Icon Code

Please note: icons and icon codes are constantly being updated, including additions, modifications and deletions, you have to make sure that your program is compatible so that these changes do not cause errors!

Weather icons

Some weather conditions will return different icons depending on day and night. For example: sunny day will response 100 (which is a sun icon) and clear night will response 150 (which is a moon icon).

Icon code Weather Day Night
100 Sunny
101 Cloudy
102 Few Clouds
103 Partly Cloudy
104 Overcast
150 Clear
151 Cloudy
152 Few Clouds
153 Partly Cloudy
300 Shower Rain
301 Heavy Shower Rain
302 Thundershower
303 Heavy Thunderstorm
304 Hail
305 Light Rain
306 Moderate Rain
307 Heavy Rain
308 Extreme Rain
309 Drizzle Rain
310 Rainstorm
311 Heavy Rainstorm
312 Severe Rainstorm
313 Freezing Rain
314 Light to Moderate Rain
315 Moderate to Heavy Rain
316 Heavy Rain to Rainstorm
317 Rainstorm to Heavy Rainstorm
318 Heavy to Severe Rainstorm
350 Shower Rain
351 Heavy Shower Rain
399 Rain
400 Light Snow
401 Moderate Snow
402 Heavy Snow
403 Snowstorm
404 Sleet
405 Rain and Snow
406 Shower Rain and Snow
407 Snow Flurry
408 Light to Moderate Snow
409 Moderate to Heavy Snow
410 Heavy Snow to Snowstorm
456 Shower Rain and Snow
457 Snow Flurry
499 Snow
500 Mist
501 Fog
502 Haze
503 Sand
504 Dust
507 Duststorm
508 Sandstorm
509 Dense Fog
510 Strong Fog
511 Moderate Haze
512 Heavy Haze
513 Severe Haze
514 Heavy Fog
515 Extra Heavy Fog
900 Hot
901 Cold
999 Unknown

Moon phase icons

The Moon phase icon will automatically adapt to the Moon phase style in the northern and southern hemispheres. For example, the Moon phase is First quarter, then API response will be 802 in the northern hemisphere and 806 in the southern hemisphere.

Learn more about Moon phase.

Icon code Moon Phase(Northern hemisphere) Moon Phase(Southern hemisphere)
800 New-moon New-moon
801 Waxing crescent Waning crescent
802 First quarter Last quarter
803 Waxing gibbous Waning gibbous
804 Full-moon Full-moon
805 Waning gibbous Waxing gibbous
806 Last quarter First quarter
807 Waning crescent Waxing crescent

Weather warning icons

Weather warning icons corresponds to warning.type, refer to Warning type for the currently supported warning.type.

Copyright QWeather

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Icons for CC BY 4.0

Previous versions

Previous versions no longer provide any updates and may not match the current latest weather icon code

QWeather Icons was formerly known as the Weather Icons project. This project provides two sets of icons in PNG format, including color and monochrome versions. If you tend to use this older version, please visit the Weather Icons repository for download.