Solar Radiation

Platform: API

Get the net solar radiation, diffuse solar radiation and direct solar radiation for any coordinate position in the world.

Request URL

Hourly Forecast (24hrs){QueryParams}
Hourly Forecast (72hrs){QueryParams}

Note: Hourly Forecast (72hrs) may be missing the last few hours data under some conditions.

Request Parameters

All parameters are separated by &. If no optional parameters are set, the default value will be used.

Request Example

Forecast for the next 24 hours at 116.41,39.92

curl -L -X GET --compressed ',39.92&key=YOUR_KEY'


This data is refers to the downward solar short-wave radiation at the surface, and unit in W/m2

  • code See Status Code
  • updateTime API last update time
  • radiation.fxTime Hourly forecast time
  • Net surface solar radiation, W/m2
  • radiation.diffuse Diffuse solar radiation, W/m2
  • Direct solar radiation, W/m2
  • refer.sources Data source and other statements, may be null
  • refer.license Data license, may be null