Time Machine for Air Quality

Platform: API iOS Android

Get the last 10 days of air quality history data.

Let’s say, today is December 30, you can get data from Dec. 20 to Dec. 29.


Interface code (Enum) Interface Class
INQUIRE_TYPE_HISTORICAL_AIR Historical air quality WeatherHistoricalBaseClass

Request Parameters

If no optional parameters are set, the default value will be used.

  • location(required)The location to be queried, only support LocationID and LocationID can be obtained by GeoAPI. For example: location=101010100
  • date(required)Set the date, up to the most recent 10 days. The date format is yyyyMMdd. Example: date=20200531
  • appKey(required)API authentication key, please refer to How To Get Your Key. For example: appKey=12334567890ABC
  • langMulti-language setting, please see Language to find out how our multi-language works and how to set up.

Sample Code

    //Historical air quality
    QWeatherConfigInstance.publicID = @"publicID";
    QWeatherConfigInstance.appKey = @"key";
    QWeatherConfigInstance.appType = APP_TYPE_BIZ; QWeatherConfigInstance.location = @"101010100";
    QWeatherConfigInstance.date = @"20200425";
    [QWeatherConfigInstance weatherWithInquireType:INQUIRE_TYPE_HISTORICAL_AIR WithSuccess:^(WeatherHistoricalBaseClass *responseObject) {
        NSLog(@"Description->%@",[responseObject description]);
    } faileureForError:^(NSError *error) {


  • code See Status Code
  • fxLink Responsive web page of this data, for embedded in website or APP
  • airHourly.pubTime The data release time from the data source
  • airHourly.aqi Air Quality Index
  • airHourly.level AQI level
  • airHourly.category AQI category
  • airHourly.primary The main pollutant. If level=1, return NA
  • airHourly.pm10 PM10
  • airHourly.pm2p5 PM2.5
  • airHourly.no2 Nitrogen dioxide
  • airHourly.so2 Sulfur dioxide
  • airHourly.co Carbon monoxide
  • airHourly.o3 Ozone
  • refer.sources Data source and other statements, may be null
  • refer.license Data license, may be null