Status Code

By code in the API/SDK, you can get the status of the current request and determine whether the request is successful or an error occurred.

Code Description
200 Successful
204 The request is successful, but the area you are querying does not currently have the data you need.
400 Request error, may contain wrong request parameters or missing required parameters.
401 Authentication failed, the wrong KEY may be used, Signature Authentication wrong, wrong KEY type (such as using SDK KEY to access Web API).
402 The requests has been exceeded or the balance is insufficient to support continued access to the service. You can recharge, or wait for the calls to reset.
403 No access permission, it may be because the PackageName or BundleID are inconsistent, or data that requires additional payment.
404 The queried data or region does not exist.
429 Exceeding the limited QPM, please refer to QPM
500 No response or timeout, service down, please contact us