Minutely Precipitation

Platform: API iOS Android

Get minute-level precipitation forecast data every 5 minutes for the next 2 hours in China.

This data is only supported for Chinese cities.

Interface Code Interface Class
getMinutely Minutely Precipitation MinutelyBean


  • location(required)The comma-separated longitude and latitude (decimal, up to 2 decimal places) of the location to be queried. For example: location=116.41,39.92
  • langMulti-language setting, please see Language to find out how our multi-language works and how to set up.

Sample Code

QWeather.getMinutely(Context context, String location, QWeather.OnResultMinutelyListener listener);

QWeather.getMinutely(Context context, String location, Lang lang, QWeather.OnResultMinutelyListener listener);


Properties of GridMinutelyBean

Property Description Example
getCode See Status Code 200
getSummary Precipitation description No precipitation in the next 2 hours
getMinutelyList Minutely data List<Minutely>
getRefer Reference data, includes data source, statements and license Refer
getBasic Basic Information Basic


Property Description Example
getSourcesList Data source and other statements QWeather
getLicenseList Data license QWeather Developers License


Property Description Example
getUpdateTime Last updated time 2017-10-25T04:34+08:00
getFxLink Responsive web page of this location, easy to embed in your website or APP https://www.qweather.com

Minutely precipitation in the next two hours and 5 minutes

Property Description Example
getFxTime Forecast time 2013-12-30T20:35+08:00
getPrecip Accumulated precipitation in 5 minutes, unit is millimeter 10
getType Type of precipitation