Warning Info

QWeather supports weather warning services(API, iOS SDK, Android SDK) for many countries or regions around the world. You can find more descriptions of these warnings here, such as the list of supported countries and regions, warning levels and warning types.

Warning: All warning level, type, urgency and other fields are possible to change, including add/modify/delete. We may not be able to give advance notice of these changes, so you have to make your code more compatible to avoid errors when they happen.

We recommend not trying to enumerate these values or mappings, but to output them directly to the screen.

Supported regions

Weather warnings are not available for all cities, we will continue to expand these data, currently QWeather supports the following countries or regions.

Note: Weather warning are based on official data from government departments in each country. When official data is not released properly, we may temporarily take offline the country where the failure occurred.

ISO 3166-1 Countries or Regions
ar Argentina
at Austria
be Belgium
br Brazil
bg Bulgaria
ca Canada
cn China
hr Croatia
cy Cyprus
cz Czechia
dk Denmark
ee Estonia
fi Finland
fr France
de Germany
gr Greece
hk Hong Kong
hu Hungary
is Iceland
in India
ie Ireland
il Israel
it Italy
kw Kuwait
lv Latvia
lt Lithuania
lu Luxembourg
mo Macao
mt Malta
md Moldova (Republic of)
me Montenegro
nl Netherlands
mk North Macedonia
no Norway
pl Poland
pt Portugal
ro Romania
ru Russian Federation
rs Serbia
sk Slovakia
si Slovenia
za South Africa
es Spain
se Sweden
ch Switzerland
tw Taiwan, Province of China
gb United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
us United States of America

Supported language

Weather warning may not be available for all languages we support, please refer to the following scenarios:

  • Only warning.title, warning.text, warning.typeName support multi-language setting.
  • If no language is set, the local language of the query city will be responded to first, or English if the local language does not exist.
  • If the language is supported, it responds the set language.
  • If the language is not supported, it will response the local language of the query city, or English if the local language is not supported.

Hint: The language of the data may be mixed, e.g. part of the content is in the local language and part in other languages. This case is unusual and cannot be excluded as they are based on the official content published by the respective meteorological services.


warning.status denotes the status of the current warning published, including:

  • Active - Warning is active
  • Update - The current warning is an update or modification to a previously specified warning.
  • Cancel - The previously specified warning is cancelled for various reasons. This is a reserved value and you cannot use it to determine if the warning is active.

Expiry time

Hint: Typically, a warning message is not valid for more than 48 hours, so if warning.endTime is not available, we recommend to set the expiry time of this warning message to 24 hours from warning.startTime (which is what we do).

You can use warning.endTime to estimate when a warning message will expire, or when you can no longer get a warning message with the same ID as the previous one, which means that the warning has expired.

Level (deprecated)

warning.level represents the level of the warning information.

Warning: Do not use warning.level anymore, this field is currently deprecated and the value will be null or out of date, it will be removed completely in the future. Please replaced with severity and severity color.


warning.severity indicates the intensity of the impact caused by the warning event.

Every country and region may have its own definitions or protocols for warning severity. For Kuwait, Minor, Moderate, Severe and Extreme are used. For Brazil, Moderate, Severe and Extreme are applied. For South Africa, Minor, Moderate, Extreme and Unknown are applied. For Australia, Cancel, None, Unknown, Standard, Minor, Moderate, Major, Severe and Extreme are applied. For other countries and regions, Unknown, Minor, Moderate, Severe and Extreme are available.

Currently available severity includes:

  • Cancel
  • None
  • Unknown
  • Standard
  • Minor
  • Moderate
  • Major
  • Severe
  • Extreme

Severity color

Some countries and regions prefer to define the severity by color, and we will provide the preferred color for the severity according to the local practice.

Note: May be null if there is no local preferred color.

Currently available colors are:

  • White
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Red
  • Black


Note: warning.urgency is not available in some countries and regions, or does not have the same value as listed below

warning.urgency denotes the urgency of the warning message, including:

  • Immediate
  • Expected
  • Future
  • Past
  • Unknown


Note: warning.certainty is not available in some countries and regions, or does not have the same value as listed below

warning.certainty denotes the certainty or confidence level of the warning messages, including:

  • Observed
  • Likely
  • Possible
  • Unlikely
  • Unknown

Warning Type

QWeather provides over 100 warning types based on definitions from official meteorological departments around the world, however, these types are not available to all countries or regions.

We also provide warning icons, please go to QWeather Icons.

Hint: The name of the warning type may be the same, this is not a bug, for example, almost every meteorological department will issue “wind warning”, but the rules or standards of this warning may be different, please refer to the definition of the meteorological department.

WARNING: Warning types may be added, modified or deleted according to the meteorological authorities, and the names of warning types may change due to translation effects, so we do not recommend storing these warning types to avoid causing errors in your program when warning types are updated.

Type TypeName
1001 Typhoon
1002 Tornado
1003 Rainstorm
1004 Snow Storm
1005 Cold Wave
1006 Gale
1007 Sandstorm
1008 Low Temperature Freeze
1009 High Temperature
1010 Heat Wave
1011 Dry Hot Winds
1012 Downburst
1013 Avalanche
1014 Lightning
1015 Hail
1016 Frost
1017 Heavy Fog
1018 Low-Level Wind Shearl
1019 Haze
1020 Thunder Gust
1021 Road Icing
1022 Drought
1023 Gale at Sea
1024 Heat Stroke
1025 Wildfire
1026 Grassland Fire
1027 Freeze
1028 Space Weather
1029 Heavy Air Pollution
1030 Low Temperature Rain and Snow
1031 Strong Convection
1032 Ozone
1033 Heavy Snow
1034 Cold
1035 Continuous Rain
1036 Waterlogging
1037 Geological Hazard
1038 Heavy Rainfall
1039 Severely Falling Temperature
1040 Snow Disaster
1041 Wildfire (Grassland)
1042 Medical Meteorology
1043 Thunderstorm
1044 School Closure
1045 Factory Closure
1046 Maritime Risk
1047 Spring Dust
1048 Falling Temperature
1049 Typhoon and Rainstorm
1050 Severe Cold
1051 Sand Dust
1052 Sea Thunderstorms
1053 Sea Fog
1054 Sea Thunder
1055 Sea Typhoon
1056 Low Temperature
1057 Road Ice and Snow
1058 Thunderstorm and Gale
1059 Continuous Low Temperature
1060 Low Visibility
1061 Strong Dust
1062 Gale at Sea
1063 Short Duration Heavy Precipitation
1064 Short-lived Heavy Rain
1065 Sea Fog
1066 Heat Stroke Conditions
1067 Heavy Pollution Weather
1068 CO Poisoning Weather Conditions
1069 Respiratory Disease Weather Conditions
1071 Intestinal Diseases Weather Conditions
1072 Cardiovascular Diseases Weather Conditions
1073 Flooding Weather Risk
1074 Heavy Pollution Weather Conditions
1075 Urban Flooding Weather Risk
1076 Flooding Weather Risk
1077 Wildfire Weather Risk
1078 Meteorological Drought
1079 Agro-Meteorological Risk
1080 Strong Monsoon
1081 Ice Accretion on Wires
1082 Stroke Weather Risk
1084 Wildfire (Grassland) Risk
1085 Thunderstorms and strong winds
1086 Low Temperature Freeze
1087 Low Temperature Damage
1088 National Agro-Meteorological Risk
1089 Dry Hot Winds Risk for Winter Wheat
1201 Flood
1202 Waterlogging
1203 Reservoir Danger
1204 Dike Danger
1205 Ice Flood
1206 Waterlogged
1207 Flood
1208 Dry Water
1209 Flood and flash flood in small and medium rivers
1210 Difficulty drinking water for rural people and animals
1211 Flood in small and medium rivers
1212 Flood and Drought Advisory
1213 Urban Waterlogging Risk
1214 Flash Flood
1215 Agricultural Drought
1216 Urban Water Shortage
1217 Ecological Drought
1218 Disaster Risk Early Warning
1219 Meteorological Risk of Flash Flood
1221 Water Conservancy and Drought
1241 Landslide
1242 Debris Flows
1243 Landslide Event
1244 Ground Collapses
1245 Ground Fissure
1246 Land Subsidence
1247 Volcanic Eruption
1248 Geological Hazard Meteorological Risk
1249 Geological Hazard Weather
1250 Geological hazard
1251 Geological hazard Risk
1271 Air Pollution Incident
1272 Heavy Air Pollution
1273 Air Pollution
1274 Heavy Pollution Weather
1601 Very Hot Weather
1602 Strong Monsoon Signal
1603 Landslip
1604 Tropical Cyclone
1605 Fire Danger
1606 Special Announcement on Flooding in the northern New Territories
1607 Cold Weather
1608 Thunderstorm
1609 Rainstorm
1610 Frost
1701 Cold Surge Advisory
1702 Wind
1703 Rain
1801 Strong Monsoon Signal
1802 Storm Surge
1803 Tropical Cyclone
1804 Rainstorm
1805 Thunderstorm
2001 Wind
2002 Snow-ice
2003 Fog
2004 Coastal Event
2005 Forest Fire
2006 Rain
2007 Rain-flood
2029 Thunderstorm
2030 High Temperature
2031 Low Temperature
2032 Avalanches
2033 Flooding
2050 Rain
2051 Wind
2052 Snow
2053 Zonda wind
2054 Storm
2070 Dust Raising Winds
2071 Strong Surface Winds
2072 Hot Day
2073 Warm Night
2074 Cold Day
2075 Thunderstorm and Lightning
2076 Hailstorm
2077 Sea area warning
2078 Fishermen warning
2079 Heavy Snow
2080 Dust Storm
2081 Heat Wave
2082 Cold Wave
2083 Fog
2084 Heavy Rain
2085 Ground Frost
2100 Fog
2101 Thunder Rain
2102 Thunder Storm
2103 Light Rain
2104 Heavy Rain
2105 Fresh Wind
2106 Thunderstorm and Dust
2107 Dust
2108 High Wave
2109 Frost
2111 Drop in Visibility
2120 Low Humidity
2121 Accumulated Rain
2122 Cold Wave
2123 Tornado
2124 Thunderstorm
2125 Hail
2126 Heavy Rainfall
2127 Gale
2128 Heat Wave
2129 Cold
2130 Frost
2131 Drought
2132 Forest Fire
2133 Heavy Snow
2134 Severely Falling Temperature
2135 Rainstorm
2150 Wind
2151 Snow Ice
2152 Freeze
2153 Thunderstorms
2154 Fog
2155 High Temperature
2156 Low Temperature
2157 Coastal Event
2158 Forest Fire
2159 Avalanches
2160 Rain
2161 Flood
2162 Rain Flood
2163 Mudflow
2164 Duststorm
2165 Freezing rain and icing
2166 Other Dangers
2190 Severe Thunderstorms
2191 Damaging Winds
2192 Veld Fire Conditions
2193 Weather Advisory
2200 Thunderstorm
2201 Squall
2202 Air Quality
2203 Rainfall
2204 Fog
2205 Heat
2207 Wildfire
2208 Wind
2209 Freezing Rain
2210 Tornado
2211 Blizzard
2212 Weather
2213 Winter Storm
2214 Freezing Drizzle
2215 Snowfall
2216 Blowing Snow
2217 Extreme Cold
2218 Frost
2300 Hazardous Seas Warning
2301 Heavy Freezing Spray Warning
2302 Red Flag Warning
2303 Freeze Warning
2304 Hard Freeze Warning
2305 Extreme Cold Warning
2306 Wind Chill Warning
2307 Gale Warning
2308 Excessive Heat Warning
2309 Lake Effect Snow Warning
2311 Blowing Dust Warning
2312 Dust Storm Warning
2313 Storm Warning
2314 Tropical Storm Warning
2315 High Wind Warning
2316 High Surf Warning
2317 Flood Warning
2318 Lakeshore Flood Warning
2319 Coastal Flood Warning
2320 Ashfall Warning
2321 Volcano Warning
2322 Earthquake Warning
2323 Avalanche Warning
2324 Winter Storm Warning
2325 Ice Storm Warning
2326 Snow Squall Warning
2327 Blizzard Warning
2328 Special Marine Warning
2330 Typhoon Warning
2331 Hurricane Warning
2332 Hurricane Force Wind Warning
2333 Storm Surge Warning
2341 Flash Flood Warning
2343 Severe Thunderstorm Warning
2345 Extreme Wind Warning
2346 Tornado Warning
2348 Tsunami Warning
2349 Fire Weather Watch
2350 Freeze Watch
2351 Hard Freeze Watch
2352 Wind Chill Watch
2353 Extreme Cold Watch
2354 Excessive Heat Watch
2355 High Wind Watch
2356 Flood Watch
2357 Lakeshore Flood Watch
2358 Coastal Flood Watch
2359 Heavy Freezing Spray Watch
2360 Hazardous Seas Watch
2361 Winter Storm Watch
2362 Gale Watch
2363 Avalanche Watch
2364 Storm Watch
2365 Tropical Storm Watch
2366 Typhoon Watch
2367 Hurricane Force Wind Watch
2368 Hurricane Watch
2369 Storm Surge Watch
2370 Flash Flood Watch
2371 Severe Thunderstorm Watch
2372 Tornado Watch
2373 Tsunami Watch
2374 Air Stagnation Advisory
2375 Low Water Advisory
2376 Freezing Spray Advisory
2377 Freezing Fog Advisory
2378 Ashfall Advisory
2379 Frost Advisory
2380 Wind Advisory
2381 Lake Wind Advisory
2382 Blowing Dust Advisory
2383 Dust Advisory
2384 Brisk Wind Advisory
2385 Small Craft Advisory
2386 Small Craft Advisory For Winds
2387 Small Craft Advisory For Rough Bar
2388 Small Craft Advisory For Hazardous Seas
2389 Dense Smoke Advisory
2390 Dense Fog Advisory
2391 High Surf Advisory
2392 Coastal Flood Advisory
2393 Lakeshore Flood Advisory
2394 Hydrologic Advisory
2395 Flood Advisory
2396 Heat Advisory
2397 Wind Chill Advisory
2398 Winter Weather Advisory
2399 Avalanche Advisory
2400 Tsunami Advisory
2409 Flood Statement
2411 Hydrologic Outlook
2412 Hazardous Weather Outlook
2413 Air Quality Alert
2414 Extreme Fire Danger
2415 Marine Weather Statement
2416 Special Weather Statement
2417 Lakeshore Flood Statement
2418 Coastal Flood Statement
2419 Beach Hazards Statement
2420 Rip Current Statement
2421 Tropical Depression Local Statement
2422 Tropical Storm Local Statement
2423 Typhoon Local Statement
2424 Hurricane Local Statement
2425 Severe Weather Statement
2426 Flash Flood Statement
9999 Other Warning