Solar Elevation Angle

Platform: API iOS Android

Get global solar elevation angle and azimuth.

Interface Code Interface Class
getSolarElevationAngle Solar elevation angle data SolarElevationAngleBean


  • location(required)The comma-separated longitude and latitude (decimal, up to 2 decimal places) of the location to be queried. For example: location=116.41,39.92
  • date(required)Set date, format is yyyyMMdd, e.g., date=20200531
  • time(required)Set time, format is HHmm, 24-hour, e.g., time=1230
  • tz(required)Location time zone, e.g., tz=0800 or tz=-0530
  • alt(required)Location altitude, in meters, e.g., alt=43

Sample Code

QWeather.getSolarElevationAngle(Context context, String location, String date, String time, String timezone, String alt, final OnResultSolarElevationAngleListener listener)                                


Properties of SolarElevationAngleBean

Property Description Example
getCode See Status Code 200
getRefer Reference data, includes data source, statements and license Refer
getSolarElevationAngle Solar elevation angle 70.73
getSolarAzimuthAngle Solar azimuth angle 205.95
getSolarHour Solar time,HHmm format 1217
getHourAngle Hour Angle -4.41


Property Description Example
getSourcesList Data source and other statements QWeather
getLicenseList Data license QWeather Developers License


Property Description Example
getUpdateTime Last updated time 2017-10-25T04:34+08:00
getFxLink Responsive web page of this location, easy to embed in your website or APP