Storm List

Platform: API iOS Android

Get a list of tropical cyclones for the last 2 years in major ocean basins around the world.

Only the coastal areas of China are supported now, i.e. basin=NP

Interface Code Interface Class
getStormList Storm list and IDs StormListBean


  • basin(required)The basin where the storm needs to be queried. For now, only support NP.
    • AL North Atlantic
    • EP Eastern Pacific
    • NP NorthWest Pacific
    • SP SouthWestern Pacific
    • NI North Indian North Indian Ocean
    • SI South Indian South Indian Ocean
  • year(required)Support to query storm of this year and last year, e.g., year=2020

Sample Code

QWeather.getStormList(Context context, String year, Basin basin, OnResultTropicalStormListListener listener);


Properties of StormListBean

Property Description Example
getCode Status code, please refer to Status Code Status Code
getBasic Basic Informatio Basic
getRefer Reference data, includes data source, statements and license Refer
getStormList Storm list and IDs List


Property Description Example
getUpdateTime Last updated time 2017-10-25T04:34+08:00
getFxLink Responsive web page of this data, for embedded in website or APP


Property Description Example
getSourcesList Data source and other statements QWeather
getLicenseList Data license QWeather Developers License


Property Description Example
getId Storm ID NP_2101
getName Storm name 杜鹃
getBasin The basin of the storm NP
getYear Year of the storm 2021
getActive Is it an active storm?
1 Active
0 Stopped