When you violate the QWeather Developer Terms of Service, your account may be suspended and you will not be able to use most of the features in your account, and QWeather reserves the right to seek compensation for your violation, in serious cases you will face legal risks.


When your account is suspended:

  • Unable to use all QWeather develop services, including previously created projects, and all data requests will be denied.
  • Any unexpired subscriptions or balance will be temporarily unavailable.
  • Most of the features in the Console will not be available.
  • The same payment method may not be available in other accounts.

Why accounts are suspended

The QWeather’s legal terms help provide fair service to all users and protect the rights of users and QWeather partners, so if you act in violation of these terms, your account may be suspended.

When your account is suspended, you will receive an email notification from us with the reason for the suspension. In general, common reasons for suspensions include:

  1. Outstanding bills over 30 days

    If you have a outstanding bill, your QWeather develop service will stop, you can complete the payment of the outstanding bill at any time and all service will resume immediately. However, if that outstanding bill is unpaid for more than 30 days, your account will be suspended.

  2. Large number of incorrect requests

    When your application sends a lot of incorrect requests to QWeather and the number of incorrect requests is more than reasonable, in this case we will suspend your account.

  3. Violation of license and attribution requirements

    You should follow the requirements of license and attribution. When you violate these terms, your account will be suspended.

  4. Providing fake information

    If your account contains fake information, such as incorrect email and etc., we will suspend your account in this case. Please note that fake information includes a temporary email or temporary phone number.

Restore and appeal

For outstanding bills, you can resume service by complet payment in the Console.

For other reasons, after you correct your action, you can go to the Console to submit an application.

If you believe the account suspension was a mistake, go to Console to submit a appeal.

Your application and appeal will be carefully reviewed, and the review will take 10 working days, but there is no promise that it will be approved or will not be approved, and we will not make further information if the review is not approved.