Certified Developers

Certified Developers are only available to users in China.

For users in China, you can register as a certified developer to get more free requests and features. Developers include individual developers and organization developers.


Items Registered Users Individual Developers Organization Developers
Free-Subscription requestes 1000 requestes per day 16700 requestes per day 16700 requestes per day
Payment methods Alipay Alipay Alipay
Bank transfer
VAT invoice VAT e-invoice VAT e-invoice VAT e-invoice
VAT special invoice
Support Ticket Ticket Ticket/Email

Enroll Certified Developer

To enroll as a certified developer, please visit Console-Settings-Account and click Enroll Developer at the top.

  • Individual developer: upload the front and back side of your ID card and fill in your basic personal information
  • Organization developers: upload business license photo and fill in basic enterprise information

After we receive your application, we will complete the review within 1-5 days, whether the review is approved or not you will receive an email notification.

Note: Please do not submit fake information to us, which will violate our Terms of Service and cause your account to be suspended. Although we have the right to review your registration information, we have no obligation or responsibility to judge the authenticity of the information you submit, so even if you successfully register as a certified developer and we later find fake information in your account, QWeather can cancel your developer or suspend your account.

Modify Developer

Go to Console-Settings-Account and click “Edit” button.

Developer information is only supported for the following changes:

  • Individual developer change to organization developer
  • Edit organization developers information

Cancel Certified Developer

Once you become a Certified Developer, you cannot cancel. If you no longer use the QWeather develop service, you can delete your account.