Inactive Account

To protect the security and privacy of all users, QWeather will reduce the storage time of users’ personal information as much as possible. When users no longer use QWeather’s services, we still have corresponding security mechanisms to prevent user information from being leaked.

Therefore, when a user does not use QWeather products for 12 months, we mark the user’s account as an “Inactive Account” and all Inactive Accounts will be deleted from the QWeather Developer Service.

What is Inactive

Inactive means that in a 12 months period the user has not:

  • logged into the Console
  • used any of the QWeather develop services, including a Project was created but no any requests were sent.

What happens when your account is Inactive

When the user meets the above Inactive conditions, the account will be marked as Inactive Account. Before that, QWeather will send a notification via the user’s registered email.

QWeather will delete Inactive Account from QWeather Develop Service. After deletion, all your content in QWeather Develop Service (including projects, orders, statistics, developer identity, preference settings, etc.) will be deleted together.

User may re-register for QWeather Develop Service, but any content that was previously deleted will not be recovered.


A user’s account will not be considered Inactive if it meets one or more of the following conditions, even if the account has not been used within 12 months:

  • Account balance > RMB 0
  • Account that have signed a long-term agreement and are within the agreement period
  • Account is in arrears
  • Account is suspended