You need to give attribution for products that use the our service. For example, if you have a page in your app that shows weather data from us, you should display something like “Weather service powered by QWeather” on that page.

Attribution requirements

If you use our services in your products (such as APP, website, etc.), you need to clearly display our name: QWeather, and add URL We recommend as follow:

Weather service by QWeather

In addition, if you use the following data, you need to add additional source information.

Weather Warning

You must display all contents of refer.sources in your products that use weather warning data, and cannot modify this content in any way.

Attribution style

There are no explicit requirements regarding the style of attribution, but please follow the guidance below:

  • Visibility: Please ensure that the attribution is visible, the font style, font size or color is not too difficult to read.
  • No confusion: Attribution should be placed separately, not mixed in with the content of your product, or misleading. For example, “Weather Services by QWeather” should not appear in a paragraph in the body of the page, or next to an advertisement (to avoid the misinterpretation that the advertisement is provided by the source).
  • Non-offensive: In the context of attribution, content that is offensive or likely to be offensive or negatively impact the source should not appear.


If you are using our separate commercial license, the terms of this document may not apply, or if your product can not display the attribution on a particular device, please contact us to discuss how to deal such exceptional circumstances.