Usage Restriction

In order for developers to use QWeather services more fairly and compliantly, you need to agree to our various terms of service and restrictions. In this document, we will list some common usage restrictions and explanations for better understanding.

Non-compliant products

Your product (e.g. APP or website, etc.) uses all QWeather services, it must comply with Chinese laws and regulations, otherwise your account will be suspended.

Refer to Developers Terms of Service - Section 4.1.

Invalid requests

When your data response is not code=2xx, you should check your program as this is an invalid request. For all invalid requests, if it exceeds a reasonable range, it will be regarded as an attack on our services. At this time, you may no longer be able to use our service or your account will be suspended.

Refer to Optimize Requests and Developers Terms of Service - Section 4.7.


When your bill is outstanding for more than 30 days, your account will be suspended and we reserve the right to pursue payment.

See Billing and Payment.

No attribution

According to our licensing and data source requirements, you must give attribution in products that use QWeather Develop Service, otherwise you may not be able to continue using any services.

Refer to Attribution.

Cache or index GeoAPI data

Due to geographic data sources requirements and copyright license restrictions, when you use GeoAPI, you are not allowed to bulk cache or download this data, or create indexes by saving this geographic data, otherwise you will violate the data source copyright or face legal risks.

Refer to Developers License.

Account suspension

When your account is suspended, you cannot use any QWeather Develop Service, and your payment method and account information cannot be used in the new account. Depending on the severity of your violation, we reserve the right to submit your information to judicial authorities.

See Account Suspension.