Weather Indices

Weather Indices API provides real-time and forecast data including:

  • Weather Indices in China: Comfort Indices, Car Wash Indices, Dressing Indices, Cold Indices, Sports Indices, Travel Indices, UV Indices, Air Pollution Indices, Air Conditioning Indices, Allergy Indices, Sunglasses Indices, Makeup Indices, Sunshine Indices, Traffic Indices, Fishing Indices, Sun Protection Indices
  • Weather Indices worldwide: Sports Indices, Car Wash Indices, UV Indices, Fishing Indices

Request URL

Today Indices

  • Pro[params]
  • Dev[params]

3 Days of Indices

  • Pro[params]

Request Parameters

All parameters are separated by &. If no optional parameters are set, the default value will be used.


The location to be queried, support LocationID or comma-separated longitude and latitude (decimal, up to 2 decimal places), LocationID can be obtained by GeoAPI.

For example: location=101010100 or location=116.41,39.92


API authentication key, please refer to How To Get Your Key. Support Signature Authentication.

For example: key=12334567890ABC


Weather indices type ID, including car wash index, clothing index, fishing index, etc. You can get multiple types of weather indices at one time, and multiple types are separated by comma, e.g., type=3,5, and all indices type see Indices Info.


Multi-language settings, only support Chinese and English for this data.

  • zh Chinese, default
  • en English


// Sport and car wash indices for Beijing
// Pro:,2&location=101010100&lang=en&key=YOUR_KEY
// Dev:,2&location=101010100&lang=en&key=YOUR_KEY

  "code": "200",
  "updateTime": "2021-12-16T18:35+08:00",
  "fxLink": "",
  "daily": [
      "date": "2021-12-16",
      "type": "1",
      "name": "Sport",
      "level": "3",
      "category": "Poor",
      "text": "The weather is better, but considering the cold weather and strong wind, we recommend you to play indoor sports, if you play outdoor sports, please keep warm and prepare for the activities."
      "date": "2021-12-16",
      "type": "2",
      "name": "Car Wash",
      "level": "3",
      "category": "At Risk",
      "text": "It is not advisable to wash the car, there is no rain in the coming day, the wind is strong, if you insist on scrubbing the car, be prepared to be covered with dirt psychologically."
  "refer": {
    "sources": [
    "license": [
      "commercial license"
Parameters Description

API status code, please refer to Status Code


API last update time


Responsive web page of this data, for embedded in website or APP

Forecast date


Weather indices forecast type ID

Name of weather indices type


Weather indices level


Weather indices category name


Description of the weather indices, may be null


Data source and other statements, may be null


Data license, may be null

Level and Type

See Indices Info.