Weather Icons

QWeather provides two sets of beautiful weather icons, which are used to display weather conditions in graphics on your products. In the weather icon S1 version, we also provide source files in .ai format. You can freely crop out the size or edit the color of the icon.

Icon screenshot


git clone

Or download from Github


  • The parameter iconCode in API/SDK is the icon file name, with file format is .png
  • Some icons are different during the day and night, such as 100.png for sunny day and 150.png for clear night.
  • Weather icon and code will be changed or deleted, please update in time.

Icon code

图标代码 icon code 天气状况 weather 白天 day 夜晚 night
100 Sunny ×
101 多云 Cloudy
102 少云 Few Clouds
103 晴间多云 Partly Cloudy ×
104 Overcast ×
150 Clear ×
153 晴间多云 Partly Cloudy ×
154 Overcast ×
300 阵雨 Shower Rain ×
301 强阵雨 Heavy Shower Rain ×
302 雷阵雨 Thundershower
303 强雷阵雨 Heavy Thunderstorm
304 雷阵雨伴有冰雹 Thundershower with hail
305 小雨 Light Rain
306 中雨 Moderate Rain
307 大雨 Heavy Rain
308 极端降雨 Extreme Rain
309 毛毛雨/细雨 Drizzle Rain
310 暴雨 Storm
311 大暴雨 Heavy Storm
312 特大暴雨 Severe Storm
313 冻雨 Freezing Rain
314 小到中雨 Light to moderate rain
315 中到大雨 Moderate to heavy rain
316 大到暴雨 Heavy rain to storm
317 暴雨到大暴雨 Storm to heavy storm
318 大暴雨到特大暴雨 Heavy to severe storm
399 Rain
350 阵雨 Shower Rain ×
351 强阵雨 Heavy Shower Rain ×
400 小雪 Light Snow
401 中雪 Moderate Snow
402 大雪 Heavy Snow
403 暴雪 Snowstorm
404 雨夹雪 Sleet
405 雨雪天气 Rain And Snow
406 阵雨夹雪 Shower Snow ×
407 阵雪 Snow Flurry ×
408 小到中雪 Light to moderate snow
409 中到大雪 Moderate to heavy snow
410 大到暴雪 Heavy snow to snowstorm
499 Snow
456 阵雨夹雪 Shower Snow ×
457 阵雪 Snow Flurry ×
500 薄雾 Mist
501 Foggy
502 Haze
503 扬沙 Sand
504 浮尘 Dust
507 沙尘暴 Duststorm
508 强沙尘暴 Sandstorm
509 浓雾 Dense fog
510 强浓雾 Strong fog
511 中度霾 Moderate haze
512 重度霾 Heavy haze
513 严重霾 Severe haze
514 大雾 Heavy fog
515 特强浓雾 Extra heavy fog
900 Hot
901 Cold
999 未知 Unknown

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