Commercial use

For different services and products, we have different licenses for.

  • To purchase and use the business paid version API/SDK data, you CAN use it for any commercial purposes.
  • Using the free development version of the API/SDK data, you CAN NOT use it for any commercial purposes.
  • Using the free weather widget, you CAN use it for any commercial purposes.
  • Open Weather Plus is under the terms of the Apache 2.0 license .
  • QWeather Icons is under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.

Definition of Commercial Purposes: Using QWeather data service to develop any products for the public, or corporate actions that can directly or indirectly obtain economic benefits.

Business vs Free

  Pro Performance Free Dev
Registered User
Free Dev
City? Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide Worldwide
Weather Forecast 3-15 days 3-15 days 3 days 3-15 days
Weather Hourly forecast 168hrs 168hrs × 24hrs
Real-time Weather
POI Weather × ×
Historical Weather × ×
Warning ×
Minutely Precip ×
Weather Indices ×
Real-time Air Quality
Air Quality Forecast 5 days 5 days × 5 days
Sunrise and Sunset ×
Moonrise and Moonset ×
Moon Phases ×
Tide × ×
Currents × ×
Typhoon × ×
Imagery × ×
Price Pay as you go? Pay as you go? Free Free
API calls On-demand On-demand 1000/day 16700/day
SDK calls On-demand On-demand 1000/day Unlimited
Global Routing? Only China Node Only China Node
Number of KEYs 10/Application 10/Application 3/Application 10/Application
QPM? 3,000 50,000 300 500
Max Connections? 3,000 50,000 100 100
Bandwidth Shared Dedicated Shared Shared
Server Shared Dedicated Shared Shared
Custom API Domains × × ×
SLA 99.9% 99.95% 95% 95%
Support Ticket
× Ticket
Commercial Use? × ×

How many cities are supported

QWeather supports weather data for 3000+ cities in China and 150,000+ cities around the world.

What is the data applications?

You can create data applicationss for your products in the Console, and create multiple KEYs in the data applicationss for getting weather data.

Please refer to Create Application and KEY for how to create the data application.

Do I need to specify the source of the data?

Yes, according to our Terms of Use you are required to indicate the source of the data on the product/service that uses our weather data.

When will the free calls be updated?

Free API Calls are reset at 00:00(UTC+8).

How often is the weather data updated?

Please refer to here

Weather icon

The weather icons are free to use, see here.

Location list

We provide List of Chinese cities and POI, for the rest of the world, please use GeoAPI to find more IDs.

Multiple languages

Yes, we support more than 30 languages and are adding more from time to time. The multi-language feature not only provides multi-language support for weather conditions and other content, but also includes support for global city names and aliases. You can simply add the lang=xx parameter to the request to get the corresponding language.


QWeather will endeavours to ensure the stability, accuracy, completeness and timeliness of our services, but due to the internet environment, laws and regulations, and current industry technical capabilities, we are unable to make such guarantees, and:

  1. QWeather shall not be responsible for any damage resulting from the use of our services.
  2. QWeather’s geographic data services does not represent our expression of any opinion on the legal status of countries, territories, cities, regions, or their authorities, or on the delimits of their boundaries.
  3. We do not guarantee the availability of any hyperlink to a third party on this website, nor do we imply the recognition or recommendation of a third party by QWeather.

Please refer to the full disclaimer.

For more help, please submit a ticket in Console or send an email to