Account Type

There are three types of users in QWeather.

  • Registered Users
  • Individual Developer
  • Enterprise Developer

By choosing different user types, you can get the corresponding user benefits.

Function Registered User Individual Developer Enterprise Developer
Number of KEYs 3/application 10/application 10/application
API calls 1000 calls per day 16700 calls per day 16700 calls per day
SDK calls 1000 calls per day unlimited unlimited
QPM 300 500 500
Max Connections 100 100 100
Payment Alipay Alipay Alipay
Bank tranfer
Invoices VAT e-Invoices VAT e-Invoices VAT Special Invoices
VAT e-Invoices
Support × Ticket Ticket/Email/Phone

See comparison with Pro and Dev Application.

Enroll Developer

Login to the Console and click the “Upgrade” button next to the account type

Individual developers: upload the front and back of your ID card and fill in your basic information

Enterprise developers: upload your business license photo and fill in the basic information of your enterprise

After we receive your application, we will complete the audit within 48 hours at most, whether the audit is approved or not, you will receive an email notification, during which you can call the data as a registered user.

Password Reset

Go to reset password page and you can reset your password with your registered email or cell phone number.

Forgot Password and Email

If you can no longer use your original registered email or cell phone, or have forgotten your original registered email or cell phone, please submit your application as follows

  1. Download the Request for Reset Account
  2. Print and fill in as required.
    • If you are an individual developer user, you must paste the same copy of ID card you registered as a developer in the application letter.
    • If you are an enterprise developer user, you must fill in the Unified Social Credit Code that you submitted when you registered the enterprise developer, and the application must be stamped with the official seal.
  3. Scan the application and send it to
  4. The review period is 3-5 days, our customer service staff may contact you by phone, and the new password is sent to your original registered email or cell phone.

Delete account

For whatever reason, you can delete your account, and while we are sad to do so.

It is very simple but serious to delete your account, please make sure to read the following in detail before you delete.

  • The operation to delete your account is not reversible.
  • All information in your account, including but not limited to: API KEY, widget code, registration information, invoice information, contract information, consumption records, orders, tickets, will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.
  • All Applications and Widget Applications in your account will be immediately unavailable and unrecoverable.
  • Any services in your account that are within the expiration date will be immediately discontinued and unrecoverable.
  • Any balance in your account will be immediately cleared and unrecoverable.
  • After the account is deleted, the original cell phone number and email address can still be re-registered, but even after registering with the original registration information, you will not be able to create the exact same KEY as before.

Due to some security reasons, we cannot help you to delete your account under the following circumstances:

  • The account is in arrears or locked status.
  • Enterprise developers need to contact our customer service to handle the account delete process.

When you finally finished deleting your account, hope to come back one day :)

For more help, please submit a ticket in Console or send an email to