Standard Widget

Standard Widget for embed weather modules in any web page, including real-time weather, weather forecast, warning, minute rainfall and etc., support custom size and color.

There is no need to write any code to use the Standard Widget, just click the button below and set the data and style.

Click here to create Standard Widget

Standard Widget includes the following option:

Text Color

  • Any color

Air Quality Text Color

  • Auto, default, color will change with AQI level, e.g. if air quality is excellent, green text will be displayed
  • Any color

Background Color

  • Auto, default, color will change with weather, for example, sunny day, rainy day will show the corresponding weather background
  • Dark
  • Light
  • Transparent
  • Any color

Rounded Corners

  • Enable, default, you can set the size of the rounded corners
  • Disable


  • Length, set by yourself
  • Width, set by yourself


  • Auto, default, display according to browser language, if it is a language other than Chinese or English, then display according to English
  • Chinese
  • English

Set City

  • Auto, default, determine the user’s location based on IP address
  • Set by yourself