Open Weather Plus

OpenWeatherPlus (OpenWeatherPlus) is a free and open source weather app. You can download and use it freely. It is easier to create your own weather app. There are no ads, no charges, and it supports iOS/Android.

Document #

Features #

  • Global daily and hourly weather forecast, including: Weather Conditions, Temperature, Pressure, Relative Humidity, Precipitation, Wind, Visibility, sun and moon
  • AQI for Chinese cities
  • Hourly forecasts with dynamic curves
  • City search, support for fuzzy search and search suggestions
  • Multilingual, Chinese and English
  • Unit switch
  • Different font sizes

Third Party Data #

OpenWeatherPlus uses the location function provided by Amap to obtain the current location and display the weather according to the current location.

You need a KEY to use the Amap location service, API or SDK, please visit This service is free for non-commercial usage.

You can also use your preferred location methods.

Screenshot #

OWP Screenshot

Compatible adaptation #

iOS 9.0+ Android 4.4+

License #

Apache 2.0