For iOS SDK v4.9+


Version Update MD5 Download
4.9 2022-04-20 cfed85d7331b1b475c34d249170c1469 Download

OS Requirement

iOS 8.0+

Project Configuration

Manual configuration

This framework is compiled with Objective-C, just import the framework package into the project.

If the project is written by swift:

  1. Create a new OC class in the main directory of the Swift project. If the OC class is created for the first time in the project, a prompt window as shown in the figure will pop up. This prompt window is a pop-up prompt for whether to create a Swift-OC bridge file.
  2. Click Create Bridging Header, Xcode will automatically create a header file. This header file is the bridge file of Swift-OC
  3. Declare this framework class in the Swift-OC bridge file and it can be used.
  4. The sdk needs to enable the location permission, which is configured in Info.plist:




Reference Library


If there is a crash say unrecognized selector sent to ..., please add -ObjC to Other Linker Flags in Build Settings

The framework does not provide log function, error information can be obtained from the following callback getError

                     WithSuccess:(void(^)(id responseObject))getSuccess
                faileureForError:(void(^)(NSError *error))getError;

Data Access Configuration

Public ID and KEY

Add publicId and appkey in AppDelegate

 QWeatherConfigInstance.publicID = @"";
 QWeatherConfigInstance.appKey = @"";

Set Data Application version

Business Data Application version is set to

QWeatherConfigInstance.appType = APP_TYPE_BIZ;

Free Data Application version is set to

QWeatherConfigInstance.appType = APP_TYPE_DEV;

High-performance Data Application or customized service version

Call the -(void)changeDomain:(NSString *)domain interface to modify the SDK access domain name

Sample Code

Add the following code where you need to use, enter the required parameters, and return to the data model of the corresponding type

 * Real-time weather
 * @param userType: user type, divided into commercial version and free development version
 * @param location: location to be queried
 * @param lang: set multi-language, the default is simplified Chinese
 * @param unit: set unit, metric (m) or imperial (i), the default is metric unit

AllWeatherInquieirs *qWeather = [AllWeatherInquieirs sharedInstance];//or AllWeatherInquieirs *qWeather = [[AllWeatherInquieirs alloc] init];
qWeather.appType = APP_TYPE_BIZ;
qWeather.location = @"";
qWeather.lang = @"";//or qWeather.languageType = @"";
qWeather.unit = @"";//or qWeather.unitType = @"";

[qWeather weatherWithInquireType: INQUIRE_TYPE_WEATHER_NOW WithSuccess:^(WeatherBaseClass * responseObject) {

      } faileureForError:^(NSError *error) {